Unleash unlimited potential at work.

Passion and performance go hand in hand. We know people thrive when they find meaning and enjoyment at work.

That's why we created the Huminate® platform.
Pitch, track and complete company-wide initiatives using Huminate.

Employees create and join initiatives then match the skills, strengths and interests needed to produce epic results.

Choose Huminate, true workplace cooperation technology.

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Heavy Load

The traditional organisation structure weighs heavily on people and productivity.

At work, we expect diverse experiences, appreciation of our individuality and the opportunity to express creativity.

Huminate cloud technology provides the support structure large organisations need to bring freedom to employees and future proof their work culture. Why?

When people work freely phenomenal things happen.

Creating a new way


Performance Through Passion

Passion and performance go together like peas and carrots. Time stands still and amazing things happen when meaning is aligned to work. Huminate gives employees the option to choose this way of working every day. You can now follow your dreams in big companies by joining passion based team collaborations and appreciate the unique skills and experience of each person.

Instant Connections in Large Companies

As companies grow, silos naturally develop and the work world quickly gets smaller. Huminate eliminates those barriers by enabling people to connect and collaborate in ways current organisation structures prevent. Instantly know your fellow workmates, no matter who or where they are.

Embracing Entrepreneurial Spirit

Be the pioneers of your own work journey. Huminate provides the freedom to take ownership and accountability of projects and the choice to contribute to work that’s exciting within your company. Being free to contribute sparks company-wide innovation, creativity and cooperation that entrepreneurs thrive on and large companies dream of.

Technology for working freely and productively

The Huminate platform provides the structure needed to work freely and productively across large organisations.


Create individual profiles and be seen and appreciated for who you are:

  • instantly know the people in your company
  • unlock each individual’s unique experience and contribution
  • discover what others are interested in and working on


Add collaborative workspaces and connect meaningfully:

  • instantly collaborate company-wide across different entities & locations or when working from home
  • access the skills, experience and interests of each person in the company
  • find and join company-wide work projects that spark your interest


Pitch to project, collaboration driven by passion:

  • find like minded colleagues to get your initiatives off the ground
  • follow, comment or get involved in what’s happening
  • track multiple pitches through to project completion
  • celebrate accomplishments

Huminate your workplace.