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Avoid the trap of hopes, wishes, goals and dreams.

Most of us strive every day at work to achieve our hopes, wishes, goals and dreams. We work hard, put in extra effort, time, energy and go above and beyond to make our lives that little bit better.

But is striving so hard today for a better, brighter tomorrow the best way?

The problem with striving is that it’s counter-intuitive to achieving our hopes, wishes, goals and dreams in a way that we can be free to enjoy the journey.

Why? Because it’s exhausting.

Our goals trap us in an unrealistic and unachievable cycle where we are constantly pushing causing friction not flow. Once we achieve a key milestone, we set a new one, shifting the goalpost and the cycle repeats. Before long, most people lose sight of what the striving is for and why.

This leads to disengagement from work and life and is ultimately holding us back from achieving our dreams while having a fantastic time along the way.

To achieve with ease at work why not ditch the hopes, goals and dreams altogether and to commit to precision focus in the current moment.

It’s important to understand that the current moment is where we create what we want to achieve. Here we can create in ways that will quantum leap us to our future work achievements with ease by using creativity and focus.

We are able to create anything we want when highly focused in the moment because it keeps you in the here and now.

How? Create space to reflect on what you want to create more of at work. Then whatever comes up, do it. Try not to think about how or what’s missing and ignore any negative or blocking thoughts. Then do it again, spontaneity is key to tapping into creativity and flow.

Wishing without doing and action without focus is wasted time and effort. Laser-like, focused action will change your work life and in turn create more of the results you want. You get what you focus on, always. Dreaming, wishing, and goal-setting will become real at that moment as you are simultaneously creating and living your accomplishments not striving towards a carrot on a stick.

Enjoyment, innovation and expansion come when we work like this, which dissolves being chaotically busy without getting anywhere.

Redirecting your path to focus on what you want more of and doing it creates a magnetic effect that draws forward the future that you put your attention on. It comes to you, rather than you pushing towards it.

Instead of wishing on a faraway star, take it for a joy ride!

Once you’ve tried this out on your own, try it out as a team – using Huminate to attract what you need to succeed.  Teamwork will become focused on achieving work projects in a new way, with a new view.

With Huminte’s support, teams can create new heights of working and goal setting will feel like ancient history.

From the simple things to the more complex, your contribution without limitation will blossom beyond imagination. Every moment is a moment to start new, to create, to focus, now is full of possibility don’t waste it.

Unleash unlimited potential at work with Huminate.

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