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Humans are exceptional

Yes we are. Although, sometimes it’s easy to think we are less than exceptional. From judgement, negative self-talk in moments of stress, to the slow build-up of day-to-day life weighing us down. These things can take a toll on our perception of how exceptional we really are.

It’s also not just the challenging times which take a toll, life catches us on a swing pushing and pulling us from good to bad, up to down, high to low and it’s exhausting.

So what if we decided to be and feel exceptional in spite of and because of these moments? To take it all in our stride, and to shine when things are both equally shabby and equally wonderful.

This is not as out-there as it sounds, seriously. It takes a lot of energy to be on a constant swing and sustain it. Much more than choosing to be in a steady state of exceptional all the time.

Why? Because feeling exceptional is an internal state not subject to our outside world and it’s self-perpetuating, the more we choose it, the easier it becomes and from there it grows.

Also, by choosing to feel exceptional on the inside, the more exceptional our experience in this world becomes. The sky looks bluer, strangers are friendlier, beauty can be seen where there was none before.

It may seem like an impossible task especially when times are tough, but the energy investment is happening, whether it’s automatic or by choice, and will pay off exponentially either way.

This isn’t a way of escaping the pressure cooker. The challenging times will always be there, these times have an important purpose. Such as propelling us out of stagnation, finding new directions or to change situations that are no longer working.

If we choose to view the intensity during these times with an all-in perspective, automatically it feels less like a stressful burden. From a practical viewpoint we can take on what was learned (sweet personal growth) and leave the rest behind (run-free) and fulfill our exceptional potential without all the chaos.

Try it out, it may just change a good or bad day into an interesting one.

We are all like seeds, waiting to be watered knowing our potential to grow into a magnificent tree. Choose to be the tree and don’t accept anything less than being the exceptional human that you already are.

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