Enterprise-level security

Our enterprise-level security is provided for all Huminate customers big or small.

Huminate’s security, compliance and control systems have been aligned to enterprise procurement and business stakeholder requirements, giving companies peace of mind.

Where additional, company-specific security requirements are needed, Huminate will happily accommodate.

We are committed to your cyber-security protection.

Single sign-on

For seamless and secure access, we use SAML-based SSO with JIT provisioning, OAuth2.0, OpenID Connect, WS-Federation, and LDAP to authenticate and protect users when logging in.

Data encryption

When accessing your company’s Huminate site, SSL technology protects information using both server authentication and data encryption in transit.

All data and backups are encrypted at rest.

Huminate’s SSO authentication is powered by Auth0 which is a ISO27001/ISO27018 certified provider.

SSL implementation at Huminate scored “A” on ImmuniWeb Server test.

Data centres

Huminate server infrastructure is hosted on Amazon Web Services and Google Cloud. Both have exceptional compliance programs that follow international security standards and regulations while protecting confidentiality and data privacy.

Database backup

Entire database backups are run daily, encrypted and stored separately for up to 12 months. This ensures all work is kept safe and secure. If content is accidentally deleted, it can be easily restored.

Data privacy

You can download and export all of your data, on request, at any time.

Access to user data by the Huminate team is strictly regulated and is performed for troubleshooting purposes only with your prior approval.

Whitelisted domains

Huminate’s customer workspaces use a whitelist to ensure access is restricted to company employees.

Security management

Our information security management framework was established to give you confidence in Huminate to host company data.

We do everything we can to ensure equal levels of security management such as understanding and mitigating risks, active continuous improvement processes for security, confidentiality, integrity and availability and having industry-standard response measures in place.

As a part of normal business operations, we regularly review and update security policies, carry out internal security audits, training, perform application and network security testing, monitor compliance with security policies and conduct risk assessments.

Huminate your workplace.