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The future of work is trust

Many companies today are focused on evolving towards a sustainable management culture. These companies have realised employees don’t need managing to produce great results and are trusting employees to self-manage without the heavily structured oversight.

However, there are many companies still stuck in the traditional management style rut. In these companies, managers are struggling to let go, struggling to trust.

Balancing trust with accountability for results is not an easy task for most as traditionally organisations are set up to blame managers for poor performance.

From the top down and from the bottom up when things don’t go so well management is left holding an overstuffed suitcase of company baggage.

Stress, people problems, politicking, time-warps, culture vultures, the office can be a jungle of corporate hazards all pointing in one direction. Only the savvy managers survive with their invisible war paint stashed in the top draw, scars hidden under freshly ironed shirts.

No wonder trusting doesn’t come easy. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be that way anymore.

So how do we shift to a trust culture in organisations safely and productively?

Technology has enabled the development of solutions that can shift company cultures to new ways of working while still being results-focused.  With the added benefit of creating a stress-free and happy workplace, using technology people can manage their own performance and managers become the go-to experts. In this work environment, people management challenges fade away.

Technology has the ability to create an environment where managers are free to trust their teams to self-manage through the use of supportive platforms.

The problem in initiating this change without the help of technology, is that the corporate world was not originally designed for allowing freedom at work. We have been conditioned to believe the manager’s role is to manage. There is no real permission given to wholeheartedly trust people and allow them to work freely and passionately on what they are internally drawn towards.

The key to breaking down this conditioning is to create an organisational culture of trust by overlaying the right platform. A platform designed to enable freedom and innovation to achieve company and individual goals while maintaining the company’s focus. By choosing the right technology, the old way of working safely fades away along with its baggage and both the people and the company benefit from being unrestrained to achieve epic results.

By implementing a supportive organisational platform, people and companies equally become unshakable in uncertainty and will nail the future of work.

The next step is finding the right technology to achieve this. Technology which has been designed to shift an organisation’s culture from the traditional ‘I can see you, so you must be working’ management mindset, to a trusted productivity-focused culture; where people are empowered to manage themselves.

This is how Huminate works.

Huminate connects employees’ skills, interests and experience with company-wide work projects they are passionately drawn to. Individuals and teams can create and join company projects across the organisation directed by the full spectrum of skills and passion they have or want to develop. From this newly found freedom, an innovative, collaborative and creative workspace grows.

By removing all organisational, geographical and perceived limitations from the workplace, Huminate empowers teams to be driven by their internal entrepreneurial spirit and produce rewarding new results. The best part, managers can still tap into their teams and follow, support, approve and acknowledge progress along the way.

So, let’s throw out the war paint, let go of the corporate baggage and choose this new way of working. It’s an easy, stress-free way to work and manage with unlimited benefits.


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