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To career, or to have a career?

How many of us have left a job for a promotion? Pretty much everyone, it’s normal right?

To gain new skills, receive a higher income, or be given more accountability, a high percentage of employees resign from their job to fulfil their career goals else where.

A fresh start creates an opportunity for re-invention, stepping up and growing a larger network.

Sometimes leaving a job is necessary for career growth. However, for the majority, it’s a missed opportunity. For most, leaving a job isn’t the first option when things aren’t panning out as anticipated. Usually, employees have tried making their current company work but end up leaving because they hit a progression brick wall.

On the flip side, companies face the constant struggle of proactively keeping their employees satisfied by moving them along an exciting career path.

One possible solution to counteract this dynamic is to change the way we think about career growth within companies.

Creating engaging workplaces by changing the way we define careers.

Career as a noun is defined in the Google dictionary as “an occupation undertaken for a significant period of a person’s life with opportunities to progress.”

Career as a verb is defined as “moving swiftly in an uncontrolled way.”

The definition of career used as a noun is already out of date and uninspiring for those in, and embarking on, their work journey. The time has come to redefine our career.

Careering at work.

Every workplace has a melting pot of possible experiences that can be had on any given day. However, people don’t feel empowered or can’t engage in what they really want to experience at work. So instead pass the time in beige cubicles willing the clock to warp-drive into the home-time dimension.

In an ever-changing world, we are at risk of becoming stagnant by not exposing ourselves to enough change.

If we can embrace rapid learning experiences and limit the need to predict or manage results, our ability to learn on the job, grow and progress will become a naturally dynamic, fluid experience.

Let’s give up the perception that spending epochs on a linear timeline while applying only a portion of our talent is the best way to a successful a career and consider that careering through internal company experiences is the most natural path to great careers.

Let’s swap the noun for the verb.

This idea may conjure up images of employees careering out of control down office hallways in a non-zen-like way causing destruction to anything unfortunate enough to cross paths.

Embrace it.

Being out of control in a safe environment is how we learn fast and recover quickly. Through releasing the shackles of traditional career paths, employees will be free to discover new things, be curious and use their own internal compass to follow different directions.

By removing time-based linear progression permanently, our careers have the opportunity to career into a multi-faceted, fulfilling work-life.

From the mundane to the magical, employees will stick with employers who offer the freedom to deepen their experiences each day at work.

Bring this idea to reality with Huminate and give individuals, teams and managers the licence to drive their own car-eer.

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